Access to TissuPath online results portal (username and password required) – press here

As medical specialists, the pathologists understand the importance of timely, accurate and secure results delivery. We endeavor to have virtually all reports available the following working day. Some larger pathological specimens require additional tissue fixation and processing which may delay assessment by 24hrs, but reporting should still be complete within 48hrs.

Receiving results

Once authorised by the reporting pathologist, patients results can be accessed in a format most convenient for you, with options including:

  • hard copy reports – within 24hrs of completion of report
  • direct fax – within 30mins of completion of report
  • electronic download – within 30 mins of completion of download
  • online results – within 30mins of completion of report,

Online results portal

Our online results portal is a secure, password protected service that allows access to all your previous TissuPath results. With mobile access, including an iPhone app, your results are always at hand. The site also contains specimen photographs in digital format (JPEGs) and has inbuilt search capabilities creating a virtual personal pathology database.

Set up and access to results can be arranged by our helpful admin staff through Helen Georgalas on 95436111,

If you already have access press here to proceed to results portal

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