Slide tutorial – case 2

68yo male – Whipples resection.

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Macroscopic and microscopic images


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Case discussion

This is an important case because for the most part the tumour cells are undifferentiated…….but there are morphological clues to get to a diagnosis (at least a preferred diagnosis).

The key features to take away include;

  • This is a malignant tumour with predominantly spindle cell morphology
  • There is localised residual glandular differentiation to indicate epithelial origin…..even without the cytokeratin!
  • Carcinoma of the distal common bile duct can present as undifferentiated spindle cell tumour, and should be included in the DDx of a spindle cell lesion at this site.

Extended learning topics

Outline a DDx, and a solution to diagnosing a spindled / inflammatory ‘lesion’ in the peri-ampullary region
Discuss the macroscopic handling of a Whipple’s specimen.


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This case has been de-identified and is intended for educational purposes only

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