Slide tutorial – case 3

Clinical history: 56yo male – Enlarged left groin node.

Digital slide: H&E (x 40 scan) – Review before progressing

Macroscopic and microscopic images:


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Video tutorial

Case discussion

This is an important case because it;

  • illustrates the pathological features of an important condition
  • requires development of an approached to an effaced node with atypical lymphoid population

The key features to take away include;

  • Low power lymph node architectural effacement
  • Cellular components and morphology in T-cell lymphoma (neoplastic and non-neoplastic)
  • Important immunostains in T-cell lymphoma and it’s differential diagnoses

Extended learning topics

Outline your approach to an effaced lymph node with large atypical cells – including rational immunohistochemical panel

Discuss EBV-related disease (Not specific to this case but and important topic nonetheless)


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This case has been de-identified and is intended for educational purposes only

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