Slide tutorial – case 4

Clinical history: 20yo female – Left renal tumour.

Digital slideH&E (x 40 scan) – Review before progressing

Macroscopic and microscopic images:


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Video tutorial

Case discussion

This is an important case because it;

  • illustrates the pathological features of an important but rare neoplastic condition
  • requires development of an approached to lesions of the kidney with abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm
  • raises the management of cases with ambiguous/failed immunohistochemical staining

The key features to take away include;

  • H&E morphology of AML and in particular epitheliod AML
  • Relevant immunohistochemical panel in this setting
  • How to manage ambiguous/failed immunohistochemical staining

Extended learning topics

Outline your differential diagnosis fro an ‘eosinophilic’ lesion of the kidney

Discuss tuberous sclerosis, addressing aetiology and the spectrum of disease seen in this condition


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This case has been de-identified and is intended for educational purposes only

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