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The liver ~ Medical student education

THE LIVER: Aim To understand the basic anatomy and function of the liver To understand some of the common disease processes of the liver Discussion The liver is the highly complex metabolic engine of our body. It shares this duty with several other organs but is relatively unique in its ability to rapidly regenerate. Can you […]

Skin ~ Medical student education

Skin and common skin cancers Aim: Understand the structure and function of skin Understand the common tumours of the epidermis Discussion: Structure: Skin is made up of three discrete layers. The epidermis is formed by keratinocytes, which in cross section look like bricks in a brick wall (see picture below). The basal cells of this […]

Immunology ~ Medical student education

  Immunology: A simplified approach. Aims: Explain the concepts of  immunological surveillance Discuss the basic tools used by the inflammatory cells and Discuss hypersensitivity reactions to explain the different ways the immune response can work. Discussion: General The immune system has been with us since we were unicellular organisms. It has developed for two main […]

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