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TissuPath’s ongoing committment to research

TissuPath pathologists and staff are committed to collaborative research with their referring clinicians and institutions – see our publications page for a full list of our contributions

Tumour Volume in prostate cancer: Some more evidence for it’s importance.

TissuPath research

We were recently chatting amongst ourselves about the link between calculated tumour volume and pathological variables known to be prognostically significant (eg. extraprostatic extension (EPE), positive pathological margins etc). One of the things raised was whether there was any identifiable breakpoints or specific relationship between tumour volume and these adverse pathological variables. As part of a […]

TissuPath research update ~ April 2012

TissuPath research

TissuPath is committed to medical and scientific research, with a special focus on prostate cancer.  Our prostate cancer research is focused on using  information obtained from pathology review and additional analysis, in an attempt to identify “good” or “bad” prostate cancers, with the aim of improving the ability of surgeons and other clinicians in managing […]

TissuPath research update – July 2011

TissuPath research

TissuPath is committed to medical and scientific research. Here’s a brief synopsis of a few of our active projects; A new Australian ‘active surveillance’ nomogram for prostate cancer Dr Andrew Ryan and Professor John Mills have collaborated with Professor Ronnie Cohen at Uropath in Western Australia to create a new ‘active surveillance in prostate cancer’ […]

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