TissuPath research update – July 2011

TissuPath research

TissuPath is committed to medical and scientific research. Here’s a brief synopsis of a few of our active projects;

A new Australian ‘active surveillance’ nomogram for prostate cancer

Dr Andrew Ryan and Professor John Mills have collaborated with Professor Ronnie Cohen at Uropath in Western Australia to create a new ‘active surveillance in prostate cancer’ nomogram. Constructed using data from more than 2500 Australian men, the new nomogram provides more appropriate decision making information for Australian urologists and their patients

The nomogram and associated article have recently been accepted for print in an upcoming edition of The Journal of Urology

Assessing the significance of prostate tumour volume

TissuPath is one of only a few pathology laboratories routinely using digital image analysis software to objectively calculate prostate cancer volumes on all radical prostatectomy cases. Professor John Pedersen has collaborated with Melbourne urologists for two recent published articles exploring the prognostic and clinical significance of this information.

  • Hong MK, Namdarian B, Corcoran NM, Pedersen J Murphy DG, Peters JS, Harewood L, Sapre N, Rzetelski-West K, Costello AJ, Hovens CM. Prostate tumour volume is an independent predictor of early biochemical recurrence in a high risk radical prostatectomy subgroup. Pathology. 2011 Feb;43(2):138-42.
  • Sherwin JC, Mirmilstein G, Pedersen J, Lawrentschuk N, Bolton D, Mills J. Tumor Volume in Radical Prostatectomy Specimens Assessed by Digital Image Analysis Software Correlates With Other Prognostic Factors. J Urology 2010; 183:2062-9.
Prognostic markers in prostate cancer

Professor John Mills and Alice Oliver are currently investigating several proteins they hope will prove useful as prognostic markers in patients with prostate cancer. Their current work is focusing on two particular proteins, known as RhoC and ZAG, in prostate biopsy and resection specimens.

Mammalian Scribble polarity protein

Dr Andrew Ryan is collaborating with a team from Peter MacCallum’s Cell Cycle and Cancer Genetics laboratory on the mammalian Scribble polarity protein and the possible role it might play in prostate cancer.

Prognostic and diagnostic markers in urine cytology

Dr Tim Nottle is currently working with private biotechnology company SienaBiotech assessing several newly developed tests for use in the early diagnosis of bladder cancer.

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