TissuPath Collaborations

Monash University

TissuPath has had ongoing collaborations with Prof Gail Risbridger’s urologic cancer research program since 2004 when TissuPath was founded.  These collaborations have resulted in numerous publications in high-impact journals.

In addition, A/Prof John Pedersen and Prof John Mills hold academic and teaching appointments at Monash University, in the Faculty of Medicine.

Cancer Council VIC

TissuPath has been collaborating with the Victorian Cancer Council since 2005, and has recently completed a massive project assessing multiple protein biomarkers (assessed semi-quantitatively by immunohistochemistry) as possible indicators of predictors of outcomes following prostate biopsies showing cancer.  Expression of three different selected biomarkers predicts a range of survival for 5 years from 30% to 95%, depending on the pattern of expression.

This work has been submitted for publication, and additional studies being planned. Graham Giles and Gianluca Severi are key collaborators.

PCFA (Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia)

The PCFA is Australia’s peak body for research, support and education around prostate cancer. The Director of TissuPath’s Research and Development Program, Prof John Mills, is also the Chair of the PCFA’s Research Program and of their Research Advisory Committee, as well as being a non-executive director on the PCFA’s National Board.  PCFA has also funded some of TissuPath’s research, either directly or indirectly.

VPCRC (Victorian Prostate Cancer Research Consortium)

The VPRC was founded to bring together prostate cancer researchers in Victoria, to improve collaboration and to accelerate research outcomes.  TissuPath Specialist Pathology was a founding member of this consortium, which also includes Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the University of Melbourne and Monash Institutes of Medical Research.

Peter McCallum Cancer Centre

TissuPath is collaborating with Drs Patrick Humbert and Helen Pearson in the Cell Cycle and Cancer Genetics Laboratory at PMCC.  Our published work with them on the Scribble and APKC proteins indicates that it might be important in the genesis of prostate cancer; work on the relationship between Scribble and malignant melanoma is also underway.

CAPTIV (Cancer of Prostate Translational Research In Victoria) Grant

A/Prof John Pedersen was a Co-Investigator on the application to the Victorian Cancer Agency that funded this project in December 2011, and Prof John Mills was an Associate Investigator – both representing TissuPath Specialist Pathology.  The Chief Investigator, A/Prof Mark Frydenberg, and several of the Co-Investigators (Ian Davis, Declan Murphy, Scott Williams, Nathan Lawrentschuk & Tony Costello) already collaborate with TissuPath in various research projects.  The grantees will be undertaking clinical and translational studies that will determine better ways to treat early and advanced prostate cancer. Follow the link to read about the announcement

Australian Prostate Cancer Research

TissuPath pathologists have an ongoing relationship with the APCR with involvement with their prostate cancer tissue banking unit and in several ongoing research projects.


Victorian BioBank

TissuPath Specialist Pathology was a founding collaborator in the Victorian Cancer BioBank, largely because in June 2006, when the BioBank received its first major infrastructure support from the Victorian government (a grant of $7M), TissuPath was already a leader in banking of prostate cancer specimens. Our involvement continues today.

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